How Regular Dental Visits Can Protect Your Smile

How Regular Dental Visits Can Protect Your Smile

Find out why you should never take your routine dental visits for granted.

You brush your teeth twice a day. You are an avid flosser. You try to stay away from soda and sugar. So why do you need to see your general dentistryLittlefield, TX dentist Dr. JW Haltom when you already do so much for your smile to keep it healthy? Even if you aren’t dealing with pain or other problems you still need to see us regularly. Find out why….

A Physical Examination is Important

We’re pretty sure that the majority of our patients don’t have the technology or equipment we have (or a X-ray machine handy). These imaging tools help us to get results we need quickly and to pinpoint problems that may not be seen with the naked eye. Not all problems have symptoms and the only way to tell whether your smile is truly healthy is through these exams.

Protect Your Smile Investment

You already do so much for your smile so why not take it a step further and see your general dentist in Littlefield every six months to make sure that your at-home regime is truly up to par? When we clean and examine your teeth we also look for early signs of decay. If caught early enough, we can prevent it from turning into a full-blown cavity. Plus, we can also remove plaque and tartar buildup to prevent complications in the future.

Your Gums are Important, Too!

The gums are often forgotten about when it comes to at-home care, but with the majority of Americans dealing with some form of gum disease, it’s important that you come in every six months to make sure that your gums remain healthy. Gum disease doesn’t always present with symptoms but can cause some pretty nasty long-term problems like tooth and bone loss. Through these visits, we can catch gum disease early when it’s still reversible.

A healthy smile means a healthy you. Don’t neglect your oral health. Schedule your next dental visit at our Littlefield, TX dental office today. We are here for your whole family! Call Littlefield Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics today.